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Hearing the Haunted

Nov 11, 2022

What is next for Sirenicide and Hearing the Haunted...I have some news about a big change in my life, and a sample of my new podcast Back From the Dead!

Here is where I need you:

New Merch:

Back From the Dead Ep1:

Aug 21, 2021

Grand Sport


Zeke tells the story of how he got his dream car and how it ended up being more than he could’ve ever bargained for.




Jesse Cornett as Zeke Austin Graves


Nicholas Petcosky as Damien Levante


Johnny Stitches as...

Mar 12, 2021

Pretty Little Liar


Aria is a girl whose innocent face and sweetly told lies can’t escape the pursuit of the one she has wronged.


Written by Tulsi Shah





Jamie Rei Brownwell as Aria Russo