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Hearing the Haunted

Jun 19, 2021

The Lighthouse


A woman recounts her experience within a lightless lighthouse.


Written by Caitlin Flavell



Molly Lankford as Woman


Steve Blizin as Man



May 16, 2021

The Creature That Followed


A young couple finds a kitten in a classified ad.


Written by Desdymona Howard



Hannah Philibert as Teresa Patterson

Apr 23, 2021

More Than Mold


A woman finds her new apartment’s bathroom has a mold problem


Content/Trigger Warning: Racism and Extreme Violence   


Written by Johnny Stitches



Maya Zepeda as Crystal Foyt

Mar 12, 2021

Pretty Little Liar


Aria is a girl whose innocent face and sweetly told lies can’t escape the pursuit of the one she has wronged.


Written by Tulsi Shah





Jamie Rei Brownwell as Aria Russo



Feb 13, 2021

A Rusted Call


A young woman finds herself in an odd environment within the halls of her new job.


Content/Trigger Warning: Self-harm


Written by Johnny Stitches



Molly Lankford as Karina Slater