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Hearing the Haunted

Dec 18, 2021

A Christmas Veil

It is Christmas Day in 1955, and Galvez Island entrepreneur Ms. Desiree Lipton is desperate to rid her new business investment of an evil little haunt. She has tried everything, but nothing seems to work. So finally, she has sought out the help of a mysterious doctor from Morston, and he has agreed to...

Nov 26, 2021

A Ghost in the Console


Alanah finds nothing is free and what price she has to pay to make her dreams come true.


Written by Johnny Stitches



Jessica McEvoy as Alanah Alt


Molly Lankford as Carmen Listing

Oct 23, 2021

The Last Halloween


In this frightful feature, we meet two coworkers that have their Halloween plans interrupted by some malevolent spirits.


Written by Johnny Stitches



Alyssa Kay as Naomi Wright


Atticus Jackson as Bryce Timmons

Sep 22, 2021

There is Nothing Left… (Plus my personal Covid19 update)


By Johnny Stitches



Kenneth Byrant as Brad Skies


Johnny Stitches as The Eyeless Angel

Aug 21, 2021

Grand Sport


Zeke tells the story of how he got his dream car and how it ended up being more than he could’ve ever bargained for.




Jesse Cornett as Zeke Austin Graves


Nicholas Petcosky as Damien Levante


Johnny Stitches as...